Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this tool for?

With Add2Calendar you can create events and appointments that others can easily add to their personal calendars.

What we usually do is create a calendar event, and add the email addresses of everyone we'd like to invite. For that you use your calendar application.

Now, let's say you have a birthday party, a show, a concert, a company event which you'd like to share publicly. You don't know the email address of everyone who can attend.

With Add2Calendar, you create an event and then share it, so anyone can add it to their personal calendars.

Why would I want people to add my event to their calendars?

The answer is simple.

Anyone who has a smartphone, has a full-featured calendar in their pockets. These calendars have a built-in feature of showing reminders for future events.

Adding an event to a calendar automatically takes care of making sure you don't forget about it.

Does it work on mobile?

Yes! It works on both mobile and desktop. Besides, it works on Windows, Mac and Linux, because the calendar link formats are standard, so they can be used on any platform that supports calendar events.

If you're on iOS, open this page on Safari, then add it to your homescreen for easy access.

Why two different links?

The reason is that there are two main types of calendars: Google Calendar, and iCalendars. The former is a spec that only works for Google, while the latter is a much older standard that is supported by many other calendar applications, including Apple Calendar.

Is this free?

Yes. Use it. Hope it's useful to you.

Can I know who has clicked on my links?

Unfortunately not at the moment. Could be an interesting feature to add in the future.

Can I upload a list of events and get back a list of links?

Hmmm. Good idea. Not at the moment, but sounds like a good idea.